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"Good Old Days"

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Share your favorite funny stories from Ghanata days!!!

"Gari Ke Well Water"                                                                               

I remember somewhere in 1989/90, when we had that drought  in Dodowa.  Hence there was no running pipe water for  weeks.  The entire town was in dire stress. The only source of  water was the wells. After weeks of agony, the wells started to  bottom-out. As a matter of fact, any time you fetch some well    water, there happens to be some brown stuff in the bottom.       Moreover, you can hear Mr and Mrs frog occasionally singing the blues. During those days, students had also run out of    vital provisions like sugar. I used to do my "soakings" with the  salty well water, and NO SUGAR.  The whole House four boys  dormitory was shocked that I used to drink that nasty tasting     soakings. But at the same token, No one bothered me to share my soakings.  The entire house later named me "gari ke well water".  Those were the days. I really miss those days.                

                               By Samuel Maxwell Adu-Lartey (Smal-tee)                      

                                           Class of 1992                                                           

Comment by: Emmanuel Danquah (Class of 1993)
I soo clearly recollect those days man,I was in the same dormitory with you and many others here in the uk,like baffour(commando);emmanuel amoako;sampopo and many more. Everyone loves the good old days.Dr.Adu-Lartey its been good to see you are concern about GOSA keep up the good work and hopefully get intouch soon.

Comment By: Sargo (3/30/09)
A million thanks my dear brothers,I am a Gambian in my 50's but almost burst into tears when I read some of your very touching and interesting stories of those good days. I can swear they are the best as during those times,love for humanity was at its best. Keep up your good work and pass this concept to your children.God bless you all

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We were in form two or form three in 1975 or "76 in House three, We were all all of a sudden awoken by a very foul and pungent smell. The whole two dorms of House Three as well as some students of House Two were wondering what the matter was.

As one of the seniors steped out to check what was going on, he was greeted cordially by the night soil carrier with his tool of his trade: the short broom, trying to sweep something. Come to find out, his big bucket/bin/receptacle fell of his head and all of its content emptied in front of the dorm. The gentleman apologetically said, "brothers, today the thing pour down ooh". he explained that he stumbled on a stone in the ground.

The poor thing had to hurriedly sweep up all our shit back into his receptacle and cary it away as he normally did. The location was cleaned, disinfected with the best disinfectant of the day, but no avail. As a result we lived with the smell for quite some time
By: Unknown (Class of 70's)

I remember when I was in form two. there was this senior in our house (house two) called SCOBA. He used to bully the juniors especially the form one's a lot. so one day he was lashing a form one boy when suddenly our housemaster at that time Mr.Fiadjor a.k.a "METHU" came into the house and caught him red-handed. As soon as Methu saw Scoba, he stopped beating the boy and waited for Methu to talk. This was what Methu said to him: "have you seen that today i have caught you fiilifili? YOUR CUP IS NOW FULL". when Methu finished saying that Scoba opened his mouth and said "SIR IF MY CUP IS FULL HELP ME POUR THE CONTENTS OUT.....
thats SCOBA 4U!!!!!!!!!
K POO (Class of 2006)

Big Blue Cocoa
I quite rememeber one day a colleque of mine climb the cocoa tree in the school and good old MR .GAGBA (May his Soul RIP) caught him and Mr Gagba started shoutihng 'there is a very BIG BLUE COCOA ON THE TREE come down!! But the boy did not want to  come down, hence Mr. Gagba shouted for 5 minutes before he left.
Emmanuel Clarence Omaboe-Nortey
"Class of 2000"

I have fond memories of a day when i wore a very short beltless "2-PAC style"(which was a favorite: esply. Adjei Kpoti) to school... I got to the school late... and unfortunately met "Suppose"(maths master then) at the gate... he stopped me right near the door to the assembly hall and pretended to be looking somewhere till I walked right up to him...he quickly turned around and pulled my shorts right down to my feet... i was lucky it wasn't a situation of "anti pe"... I was in a boxer so I pulled my shorts right back on tacked in neetly and walked right into the assembly hall... he just stood there looking at me...

               By David McCarthy (Class 2002)

It all happened when I was in form 1.  I remenber there was a very serious water problem. There was no water in the dormitory so we had to take our buckets to the tution yard (the school premises) for tap water during prep time. We got to the school only to realised the school's tap was also not flowing, so we had to open the tap and suction  the water out with our mouth. Could you imaging we were doing this for two hours, while others where studing.  We were seroiusly suctioning water with our mouths from a tap. With my mouth, I was able to get a bucket full of water.  After prep on our way to the dormitory,we had to walk a little through the town. Whiles heading back,  someone screen that she had seen a ghost. Come and see speed!!!  Seeing me run with a bucket full of water was amazing. After few minutes of running, we realized that the supposed-ghost was  just a passer-by.
By then it was too late I was soaked with water, and my books were all wet. I finally return to the  dormitory with almost an empty bucket of water. It was really terrible on the fateful evening. Ghanata for you ..........
By Martha Afua Sam (Devotion)
Class of 2008

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